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Here at the Economic Research in Scotland website we are determined to see a strong and healthy Scottish economy. To this end we devote our time to economic research to better understand how Scottish businesses and industry can grow, even in a difficult global financial climate. The aim is to see Scottish trade and industry flourish, through smarter organization, more efficient processes, and simple, honest hard work. The Scottish people are not afraid of hard work, they never have been . We just need a modern economic framework to get the best out of our selves. Send any queries you may have to our Economic Research in Scotland team.




Welcome to the Economic Research in Scotland website

In these troubled economic times every country is looking for ways to cut costs, to work more efficiently, and thus to maintain a healthy, growing economy. Scotland is no different, and with one eye on devolution and further autonomy, we need to ensure our economy is strong and moving in the right direction. For this reason we believe that economic research in Scotland can only benefit our future. Help us to make this country strong, and independent. Why not get in touch with our Economic Research in Scotland experts to learn more.